out of memory error in comsol. It uses multiple parity bits assigned to larger chunks of data to detect and correct single bit errors. However, using virtual memory is slower than storing data in RAM, therefore the virtual memory will not, by default, be much greater than the installed RAM memory. If you have a table with "something" dependent on frequency, and you want to plot these values in the Results, you would type "something (freq)". Lastly, 160k elements is not a lot. It's about the mode analysis of a rectangular silicon waveguide. Solved: Out of Memory Error. Delete every face on one side of the part. Repeat Steps 6 through 9 for the remaining grid. Please help me to setup numerical model in comsol which couples Thermal, Electrical, and Solid Mechanics physics to simulate heat generation due to joule heating at the faying surface between two sheets, with current passing through top electrode to bottom electrode via two sheets and melting the sheets in process. The -ppn 24 option on the mpiexec command says to run 24 processes per node instead of 48, for a total of 96 as before. If not I apologise, could you point me to the right place. Check out the 'real world example' section of this article, which walks through a 'java. I increased the Java memory heap to 384. Comsol is investigating deformation due to gravity. Problem Description The error "Out of memory during assembly" occurs. cannot solve a bigger problem than the code will hold with 2GB. - Feature: Automatic Remeshing (sol2/t1/arDef). In the Input Feature box, select the feature class, and select the grid index features layer for Clip Features. Currently I am working on an engineering project for school. srun: error: o0616: task 0: Out Of Memory # OOM in program run directly by the batch script of a job. Assuming you are trying to plot a surface or volume plot, you can change its settings under the Quality tab. How can I increase the mesh size of Comsol without increasing the memory of my system? My system memory is 32 GB but I cannot simulate my problem because it . Mode Analysis of silicon waveguide. COMSOL活用ガイド タイトル: エラーメッセージ "Out of memory" について Version: 3. The waveguide is a rectangular parallelepiped of silicon with the width 0. 5, you can try to use the PARDISO out of core solver and increase the amount of memory that the solver can use from the HDD, this will make the time of the solution take longer but you shouldn't have that error again. Running COMSOL® in parallel on clusters. properties file sets the maximum Java heap size to. Some of your processes may have been killed by the cgroup out-of-memory handler. Sometimes I get the strong impression that memory allocation fails beyond a. However recently I have noticed that when I have a much finer mesh, computation time is. ini file located in the subdirectory bin/$arch in the COMSOL installation directory, where $arch corresponds to the platform you are using. For the automatic option, you can specify the fraction to be stored on disk in the Memory fraction for out-of-core (a value between 0 an 1; the default is 0. These values will typically increase in multiples of the "max server memory" value up to almost 8 TB. Segregated group 2 Out of memory during LU factorization. Locate and then click the following. I have a 250GB SSD in my PC - the root directory (where Comsol is installed and the virtual memory is used) has now 20GB free space, which is not enough for the calculation. When you pull all the frames out, you are undoing that compression and are dealing with the video in its rawest format. The information provided may be out of date. Instead of a single parity bit for each 8 bits of data, ECC generates a 7-bit code for each 64 bits of data by using non-binary, cyclic error-correcting code. Not even 1% of the solution is done by . ini (or something like that depending on your version) and it is in the "bin" subdirectory of your COMSOL installation directory. The COMSOL discussion forum covers a wide variety of simulation topics. Note that while COMSOL employees may participate in the discussion forum, COMSOL ® software users who are on-subscription should submit their questions via the Support Center for a more comprehensive response from the Technical Support team. Depending on the job, this failure might present as a Slurm error: slurmstepd: error: Detected 1 oom-kill event (s). What hardware do you recommend for COMSOL Multiphysics?. inverted mesh element near coordinates. If you prefer a static swap file, you may need to increase the maximum size of your swap file to avoid the out of memory errors. Allow the JVM to use more memory. Do a search through the Comsol help to find that stuff. You compute a distributed parametric sweep on a cluster. The ideal solution is to find the underlying problem with the application by examining the code for any memory leaks. This allows ABAQUS/Standard to restart from the last completed increment in the event that the job terminates prematurely. So, even if you have a machine with more than 2GB (like your 4GB), you. Note: This discussion is about an older version of the COMSOL Multiphysics ® software. Number of degrees of freedom solved for: 2787596 (plus 5292006 internal DOFs). First here are couple things to try: Open the file and do a Save As a different file name to your local hard drive. Knowledge Base 1030: Error: "Out of memory". Comsol Internal DOF and their Memory Usage. You are probably simulating a 'transient study' where Comsol acumulates the solutions to each time-step in the Temp directory of the system partition of the disk (c: in my case). OutOfMemoryError: unable to create new native thread' problem experienced a major B2B travel. 1) Increase the store solution frequency. Solution number is out of range Solution Number: 1249 Applies to: COMSOL Multiphysics Versions: 5. Solution This error message indicates that your computer does not have enough RAM memory to assemble the numerical model which you are working with. Just click the following button to download and install the utility on your computer to have a try. x OS: ALL モジュール: ALL Q:COMSOLMultiphysics使用中にエラーメッセージ"Out of Memory"が表示されます。. To do this, follow these steps: Click Start, type regedit in the Start Search box, and then click regedit. I drew my structure within Comsol. To get the DxDiag report: Click Windows Start button > type “DxDiag” in the Search box, and then press ENTER > Save all information to “DxDiag. be much greater than the installed RAM memory. I have a 3D geometry in COMSOL shape like a "T" where I want to model flow using navier stokes and a chemical diffusion using convection and diffusion. See the chapter “Solving the Model” on page 377 in the COMSOL Multiphysics User’s Guide for more information. So far I have been using the default settings. On the Eclipse menu, clicks Run -> Run Configurations. 0 with MATLAB - out of memory error LiveLink for MATLAB from COMSOL 4. Because of that kick, the arm will move inside and the. You have terminate-and-stay-resident programs running. Probable solution to commonly faced COMSOL erros, out of memory errors, . As already mentioned no more processes can be created because there is a lack of memory and at the process creation the reservation of memory/swap fails. A memory leak happens when the application creates more and more objects and never releases them. I believe you are getting this error because Comsol is doing too many computations to make your plot look better, such as refinement and smoothing. I ask because I'm getting "out of memory" errors on a 3D emag model that I think my system should be able to solve. COMSOL help out of memory!. Allocate More Memory to the Machine. The default Java heap size for Comsol is 2G. It can save you a lot of time, and help the user get past the coding and on to exploring results. I was confronted with an errors in comsol: 1. opts file, which is located in the comsol bin directory to 512MB or higher. Please assign more memory to Gradle in the project's gradle. Hi all, First of all, I am quite new to COMSOL. The price is longer solution times because it takes longer time to read and write to disk than using the internal memory. I am getting one of the following error as soon as I start solving the problem. Following questions need to be addressed: What are the objects in the application that occupy large portions of the heap?. How to resolve 'Out of Memory' errors - Links embedded in this video (open in new tab): Slide 7: Sizing Java heap. The largest addressible memory in 32 bit is 2^32==4 GB. In Comsol, at the bottom corner on the right, there's a memory indicator. 1, update 2) pp 150-151 and to the Iterative and direct solver configuration and memory usage. See related solutions, Windows Help, and the resource guide for your operating system for more information about performance and how to configure the swap file. Out of memory during assembly. The situation is that I often run out of memory, which I think is this kind of memory i. ----- S Y S T E M ----- OS:DISTRIB_ID=Ubuntu DISTRIB_RELEASE=12. I have my heapspace set to 4GB and my sims max out at 16-18GB of working mem. In segregated group 2: Returned solution is not converged. You want To increase the heaps space so that heapspace+max working memory equals about 80-90% of available memory. I'm running COMSOL simulations in a 64GB RAM workstation. How to resolve 'Out of Memory' errors. Eliminate terminate-and-stay-resident programs. 15 rlimit: STACK 8192k, CORE infinity, NPROC 1160369, NOFILE 4096, AS infinity load average:0. I´m trying to simulate a air flow arround a bluff body in COMSOL. At the point, where all of the free space is filled with the out-of-core file the calculation failes with following error: Failed to find a solution. Two easy methods to fix Microsoft Outlook errors out of memory or system resources are discussed below: 1. MUMPS와 PARDISO 직접 솔버는 'out-of-core' 옵션을 적용합니다. To start a new discussion with a link back to this one, click here. See if you can change the printer dialog screen. How to specify the storage path for PARDISO out. B & Qg = Temperature and Height dependant. If this job uses too much memory you can spread those 96 processes over more nodes. Coupling Problem: Out of memory during LU factorization. Slide 9: Tool to analyze GC output. All I know is, one CPU is at its full capacity and the other one is almost there. COMSOL uses all your processors/threads by default with 64 bit system if it needs. Slide 10: How to take a heap dump: kill -3. its make this error: The following feature has encountered a problem: Failed to find consistent initial values. In the MS Outlook account, go to the Mail navigation pane and right-click on the PST files and select Close command from the popup menu. To increase the Java Heap Space for COMSOL the file is comsolserver. PARDISO also includes out-of-core capabilities. (1 hour, 12 minutes, 36 seconds) Physical. Available memory on Red Hat OpenStack Platform nodes seems to be low. Use the Settings window for the Global Equations node to define the equations using the left side of a general equation f(u,ut,utt,t) = 0, where u is a dependent variable, and the suffix "t" indicates the time derivative. Can you please help in understanding if these errors are coming from "out of memory" on Redshift side or is it happening in Power BI side after successful data retrieval? Note the refresh (inclu. Hi, I am not sure if this is the right place to post a COMSOL question. In such a way that it is possible to kick on the surface of the plate. This means that part of the memory is occupied by the problem data and can not be used by pardiso. I tried opening your file and my COMSOL is stuck and my computer is trying hard and I don't know what it is doing though. Out of memory operation sparse matrix read 0 Replies 3528 Views. Hi there is another way to get a little more RAM, works successfully for me, by using the server-client approach as then the client can be swapped during the solve processing, this has allowed me to rougly double the DoF I can solve on my laptop (when I was using a laptop, now I'm on a larger server with much more RAM and havnt used this approach for some time). Gravity is applied to the nanosheets to check for displacement and stress. Try changing the Refinement to "No refinement", Smoothing to "None" and Recover to "off". Is there anything I can check? Thanks. You have a managed application that targets the 64-bit. When solving the systems of linear equations of a simulation, COMSOL will automatically detect the best solver without requiring any user interaction. Memory is based on industry standard 5% page coverage of an 215. × Warning Your internet explorer is in compatibility mode and may not be displaying the website correctly. Can anyone help with this comsol error?: Undefined variable?. Create a new Reference Plane that is slightly offset from the correct symmetry plane. Ensure the computer meets the minimum system requirements of the software that you are trying to run. There are Out of memory: Kill process 43805 (keystone-all) score 249 or sacrifice child noticed in the logs: [Wed Aug 31 16:36. For example, a 15-second long 720p video with 30 fps could only be a few megabytes as a file, but pull all the images out and suddenly you are dealing with 1,244,160,000 bytes (1. I'm trying to run the example in Batteries and Fuel Cell Module (sofc_unit_cell), but encountered the following problem: Failed to find a solution for the initial parameter. The following example shows output on a Linux operating system. 2) Reduce the number of selected outputs. This model has only 600K dofs, although it's broken up into 3 separate geometries connected through an identity boundary. Comsol has finite element routines packaged into a lovely interface where you can easily create geometries, set boundary conditions, make a mesh, and solve for solutions. Remove Intel auto update utility (it had some errors in the logs) change heap size registry entry from 1024,20480,768 to 1024,20480,1024. So, first thing to do to solve large problems is get a 64-bit machine. Not enough memory installed in the computer. Maybe the maximum java heap size is the problem. It is a simplified syntax based on Java® and does not require any Java knowledge. You can find this value in the Windows NT Task Manager, on the Performance tab, under Commit Charge Total. If you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, type your password, or click Continue. Im working on fsi , whit blood flow and time-dependent study. Hello, I'am doing a simulation with RF module. Hi, i´m new here and a recent user of COMSOL Multiphysics. It is very simple: 3 rectangular blocks - (x,y,z) 4mm x 4mm x0. This issue is fixed in COMSOL Multiphysics update 4. 2 for more than 2 months now, and I've just started a new model (attached) of an 8-coil analysis. OutOfMemoryError: GC Overhead Limit Exceeded. Hi, You can define and solve systems of coupled global equations such as ODEs. The amount of memory used depends on the amount or type of data on the documents being faxed, copied or printed from the PC. This step will almost always require more memory than the assembly step. Slide 9: To enable GC for application servers. "Out of memory" notification, when working in AutoCAD. If your machine can't handle that kind of run, then as Topher mentioned, get some more RAM. First tests with Pardiso solver showed a significant speed increase (3x) when Windows' Page File is located at the SSD. Try changing it to the D:/ drive in settings. 145 is the current virtual memory usage, and 172 is the peak virtual memory usage. 0, and I started out by reading the LiveLink user guide. If you have a large array that fits in memory, but you run out of memory when you try to perform calculations, you can cast the array to a tall array. If I input the Young's modulus of the channel to about 1 [GPa], the. exe file in the exacted folder, right-click it and select Run as administrator. When you launch COMSOL, add the option -comsolinifile [path] to the COMSOL command, where [path] is the path to your new comsol. 0-24-generic #39-Ubuntu SMP Mon May 21 16:52:17 UTC 2012 x86_64 libc:glibc 2. The following lines request 4 nodes, giving you a total of 712 GB of memory (4 nodes *178 GB). Speaking of the FBWF, you can use the command line fbwfmgr /overlaydetail to find out what file/folder is using up all the space in the cache, then you can try to move that from C:\blahblah to Z:\ which is the actual RamDisk on the clilent. Update Intel chipset driver with auto update utility. Example errors # OOM in a parallel program launched through srun. We are trying to model a pneumatic cylinder like the one in the picture. ERROR!!_PART2_[COMSOL] - October 29, 2020 Failed to find solution , out of memory. Out of memory during out-of-core LU factorization. The memory allocated for an analysis will never exceed standard_memory, regardless of the standard_memory_policy setting. And the log reports at the end of the simultion: Solution time: 4356 s. 이 옵션은 운영체제의 메모리 관리보다 우선하여 COMSOL Multiphysics가 직접 RAM에 얼마의 데이터를 저장 . My system as 20GB of memory, and I've been able to solve models with up to 1. 2) Check the size of your COMSOL model. Memory usage seems to be high on Red Hat OpenStack Platform nodes. COMSOL_Users] Out of memory during LU factorization. OutOfMemoryError: Requested array size exceeds VM limit can appear as a result of either of the following situations:. These are sometimes runtime options, or specified in an input file somewhere. So if this happens you can turn on "out-of-core" option to specifically allow the solver to use the HD space. I have 3 subdomains in my design with sizes in range mm, micrometre and nanometerthe third nanometre block appears just as a linebt however i was able to give all boundary and subdomain details as. Another option is to change the Temp folder that Comsol uses to a disk with a lot of. In case of an out of memory error, this code will exit with the following message: Array size is too large Maximum JVM memory: 9835679212. The rest of the memory will be available for meshing and . If you run out of memory during the assembly step, you do not have enough RAM memory in your computer to solve your model. How useful is COMSOL? : COMSOL. t = tall(A); This approach lets you work with large arrays that can fit in memory, but that consume too much memory to allow for copies of the data during calculations. calculation errors in comsol read 1 Replies 2798 Views. What I know is that this is the virtual memory number. However, if you want to check you can verify in File>Preferences>Multicore>Number of Processors. The default setting is Automatic, which switches the storage to disk (out-of-core) if the estimated memory (for the LU factors) is exhausting the physically available memory. Name the output feature class, and click OK to run the tool. solving Ku=f by writing K and f to disk, and invoking a stand-alone solver; this maximizes the memory available to pardiso. Jobs can fail due to an insufficient memory being requested. LiveLink™ for MATLAB® includes the COMSOL API, which has all the necessary functions and methods to implement models from scratch. Coupling Problem: Out of memory during LU factorization. If you read the Comsol manual, refer to (in version 5. I haven't even started though - after building the geometry and saving, the program crashes again and again. Concerning this point, I have already tried to modify the file comsol. This solution describes how you enable distributed parallelization (cluster jobs) in COMSOL Multiphysics®. COMSOL completes the working environment for modeling and simulation projects with the Model Manager Server Tue, 26 Apr 2022 20:00:26 BST Verisurf Software debuts new 2023 release. My calculations typically use 8 GB Ram and 16 GB Page File. It seems that you are using a direct solver (PARDISO or MUMPS) and that it is switching to out-of-core settings when you are refining the mesh because you do . 0040000000000000001 out of memory in nonlinear system solution. When the SQL Server process has reached the state where Total Server Memory = Target Server Memory = max server memory, there are policies in SQL Server memory manager to let new allocations request multiple 8 KB pages to succeed. Also, are you saving the file locally or on a shared network location? 01-26-2021 04:52 PM. This application throws an out-of-memory exception from the Common Language Runtime (CLR) with the following specific message: OutOfMemoryException: "Insufficient memory within specified address space range to continue the execution of the program. During the simulation, that crashes because of lack of memory, the page file grows about 100MB and not more even though the RAM usage grows over 1G and than the "out of memory" error comes, so the use of paging file would be expected. When the 64 bits of data is read by the system, a. There are two distinct, sequential, memory-intensive steps that occur when you compute the solution:. I'm using Comsol on my Macbook, so memory may be an issue. Windows and/or Linux 32-bit is limited to about 2GB problem size. 1) Check the amount of available memory on your system First, check how much installed memory (RAM) is in your computer. The PARDISO out-of-core solver stores the LU factors on the hard drive. In general, when you run out of memory, try to use memory-efficient modeling techniques such as utilizing symmetries, solving models sequentially, and selecting memory-efficient solvers. Hi everyone, I am doing a simulation using COMSOL 3. Comsol Internal DOF and their Memory Usage HiI'm working on a 3D CFD model with Comsol 5. 04 DISTRIB_CODENAME=precise DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="Ubuntu 12. Check the buffer cache, may be the kernel tunable is with a high value and it can be lowered in order to free some spaceWhat is the OS version?. When it occurs, you basically have 2 options: Solution 1. Then it will execute this patch and make a backup of the game’s original file. This minimizes the internal memory usage. The out of memory problem might be due to the folder that you have chosen for your temporary and/or recovery files. 0\1DDBE77C-9BCC-YYYY-ABCD-XXXXXXXXXXX. Please run Task manager, open Performance tab, select Memory at the left and show a screenshot when you have this problem. I resolved it by reguraly deleting the Temp file and freeing enough memory space. 5mm substrate under a 4mm x 4mm x 150nm thin film with a 0. You are running Microsoft Windows in enhanced mode, but have run out of virtual memory. Try to use a different user profile for login and see if the issue persists. On UNIX, total virtual memory is a combination of swap space (disk backed memory) and RAM. The " Out of Memory " message means the memory capacity of the unit has been exceeded. I remember 256MB is the default setting for this. KNOWLEDGE BASE How can I see the equations COMSOL is defining? How do I implement a user-defined Multiphysics coupling? KNOWLEDGE BASE Out of memory during assembly; FORUM nonlinear solver did not converge. The direct solvers will use more memory than the iterative solvers, but can be more robust. if you'll find someone's post helpful, mark it as an answer and rate it please. Browse the threads and share your ideas with the COMSOL community. This error message indicates that your computer does not have enough RAM memory to assemble the numerical model which you are working with. You could also create a swap file but that will significantly increase the . You have two options, reduce the size of your mesh, or buy more RAM. So via adjusting the mesh size, you can decrease the DOF, lower mesh size--lower DOF---low RAM. Before trying any of the steps below, we suggest you first try rebooting the computer. slurmstepd: error: Detected 1 oom-kill event(s) in StepId=14604003. Step 1: Launch the program to get the main interface. Any one has some advice for this please? Thank you so much! Best, Chang. 3a I am using heat transfer module. Changes apply when you save the file and restart COMSOL with MATLAB. Right-click one of the grid boxes on the map, and click Select Features. Solutions to Linear Systems of Equations. For each operation done in the COMSOL Desktop there is a corresponding command that is entered at the MATLAB prompt. Scratch files are always written to disk, regardless of the standard_memory_policy setting. If you have low RAM then the PARDISO solver is recommended than MUMPS. #SBATCH --nodes=4 #SBATCH --ntasks-per-node=48. To resolve this problem, modify the desktop heap size. Iterative solvers approach the solution gradually, and it is possible to change the convergence. In Segregated Step 1: Returned solution is not converged. Solution Number: 1001 Versions: All versions. Hi - I just installed a Solid-State-Disk to test if it speeds up my calculations. Modify the number in the row that starts with -Xmx, its value is the Java heap size. Dear all, I'm a new user in COMSOL 5. COMSOL supports two mutual modes of parallel operation: shared-memory parallel operations and distributed. First, check how much installed memory (RAM) is in your computer. My PBI dashboard have 2 sources - Sharepoint and Amazon Redshift database. The reason for out of memory error messages is that COMSOL is requesting more memory from the operating system than is available on your computer. Of the available memory (RAM and virtual memory), one section, the Java heap, is reserved for Java. Follow the guidance given in Knowledge Base 1030. The working memory is that little number in the bottom right of the comsol window. last time step is not converged. Posted 7 apr 2011, 03:36 GMT-4 Modeling Tools, Parameters, Variables, & Functions, Studies & Solvers Version 5. Often out of memory errors can be resolved by rebooting the computer. 5mm x 100nm cap on the middle of the film. The garbage collector cannot collect those objects and the application will eventually run out of. In the New Vegas installation folder, locate to the ini file. Thanks for the amazing amount of support! As posted I have taken the following steps: Update Nvidia driver again. Select Help > Check for Product Updates (available in the File menu on Windows). Reduce Number of Opened PST Files in Outlook Account. You can change the value by following three steps: 1) load the comsol module; ml Comsol/version 2) copy the Comsol setup file to your home directory. I would try to increase it by editing the MAXHEAP-value in the comsol. The command runs fine on all the other DCs including the other new identical 2019 DC (identical in all specs i. If you don’t see a high number of threads created and “ ulimit –u ” value is well ahead then it’s indicative that your application has grown. When processing the results some values are missing or you get errors such as "The solution number is invalid" or "Solution number is out of range". COMSOL requests memory from the operating system and will always use both the physical RAM and virtual memory available on your system. This means Slurm detected the job hitting the maximum requested memory. Conclusion:- Mesh size decides your simulation degree of freedom (DOF) of your simulation (Model). How to Fix Fallout New Vegas Out of Memory. RAM is dirt cheap and you'd be surprised the increases in performance you can get. Discussion Closed This discussion was created more than 6 months ago and has been closed. So if you don't Dispose the frames after using them, you are storing all that data in memory. Change location of COMSOL's virtual memory (out. , select the Java application we want to run, click on the Arguments tab, VM arguments section, and adjust a better Java initial maximum heap size. Step 2: Select the drive you want to extend and choose Extend Partition in the left action bar. Temporary fix – Increase the heap size. COMSOL_Users] out of memory error. Try first with adding more swap space. For example, consider a four memory-channel single-CPU computer with four . The Out of memory (OOM) killer daemon is killing active processes. Output: Exception in thread "main" java. You have many device drivers loaded. The system requirements are found on the. 4 and tring to increese de number of elements but im runing low on RAM (i have 32GB of RAM working with an. No joy, close the file and Publisher. Services on Red Hat OpenStack Platform nodes are randomly dying. If you receive the Out of Memory error, try to increase the Java heap. With the -Xmx JVM argument, you can set the heap size. For instance, you can allow the JVM to use 2 GB (2048 MB) of memory with the following command: Configuring java heap size. On NT, total virtual memory consists of the RAM memory plus the pagefile memory. In many cases, like in the case of a memory leak, that second option is the only good solution. Error: "Out of memory" Platform: All Platforms Versions: All versions. Khairul Akram Mazzlan Progress of BDP I & II. This may happen due to memory leak in driver or app. Segregated Step 1 Out of memory during out-of-core LU factorization. I hope on the next post , i will about my next step to solve this problem , thanks. I assume this memory size is enough for computing the matrix I have now. Improve or fix the application to reduce memory usage. I have a CFD model with 1056,2892 degrees of freedom and a server with 128GB memory. ERROR!!_PART2_[COMSOL] - October 29, 2020 Figure 4:Failed to find solution , out of memory. Here, you may have to type "p_inlet (t)". ECC is a logical step to parity. Out of Memory If you receive the "Out of Memory" error, most likely the Java heap has an inadequate size. Use the new Reference Plane to trim your error-filled surface or cut your error-filled solid nearly in half, making sure that you keep the slightly bigger side. - Feature: Automatic Remeshing (sol2/t1/arDef) Cite. In the Geoprocessing menu, click the Clip tool. See also: Knowledge Base 1186: Out of memory during assembly. Also Home->Preferences->General->Source I de-selected the Matlab default which was " *Enable MathWorks Source Control Integration" and select " none" instead. On top of the arm, a plate is mounted. I have tried increasing the size of it to 8 GB with no effect. it will always get stuck; I tried to add a ground and terminal nodes to the ends of the coil, but the right-click on the electric currents node seems to be. Then right-click the file and select Properties. ini that is on C:\Users\alfredo\. But I keep getting a error: Failed to find a solution. Slide 8: Refer to Technote to determine ulimit settings. I only have 4GB RAM so I am not sure if this is a memory issue or if it is a corrupt file. Increase virtual memory by freeing some disk space, or at least ensure that some space is available. Even after I checked "out-of-core", it still returns me this error. The reason for out of memory error messages is that COMSOL is requesting more memory from the . Also change the number next to the Xmx, save and restart the program. See also: Knowledge Base 1243: Out of memory. None worked for me and I can not work with matlab this way. 3) Create a checkpoint at intermediate date. Boot a new instance of Publisher and open the new file and test again. Is there any stepwise toturial exists in this regard? I tried global equation in ODE but I do not know how could I define coupling and temperature and height dependant variables ?. For example, the following line, in the gradle. 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